Hello and Welcome. My name is Kelley Duilio. I'm looking forward to meeting you, just as you are.

I'm native to Portland, Oregon. I have a large Italian family here, which includes my ten nieces and nephews, whose lives I am actively engaged in. Currently, I manage a kind of co-living residence with several uniquely designed apartments created by myself and a friend.  I love my cat.  I love nature, especially the trees. One of my biggest passions is finding freedom in this life, moment by moment.  This kind of freedom equates with happiness, and to me, that means living in depth, meaning, and unique creativity in each and every moment. 

Happiness/Freedom is not a static state or end goal, it's not the projected idea I had bought into earlier in my life.  I find that it's a forever changing, creative, and evolving process that happens in each moment. It looks different all the time -sometimes it's joyful and clear, sometimes it's obscure and difficult - but it's always free to keep changing. I know to trust my process, because over time, I gain a depth of subtle perception and discernment, a growing wisdom, and an ability to apply these skills in my daily life.  The byproduct is more ease in my relationships, in my work, my connection with nature, and creative flow. 

 The past 25 years of my life has not necessarily been easy, my struggles with a variety of issues including, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, and body image issues, has pushed me into an intense search for resolution.  It was through spirituality and healing that I found ways to navigate these challenges.  The Living Inquiries stood out amongst the variety of techniques I explored, as I dove in more deeply and consistently than any other. For that reason, I committed myself fully to study the LI for two years. I love that the inquiries bridge awakening experiences with the healing/integration of my personal self. My ability to navigate life in the most subtle and complicated places has grown exponentially since my emergence in the Inquiries.  When working with you, I combine a variety of skills I've gained over the years - mindfulness, somatic experiencing, meditative techniques, and the Living Inquiries - with my own intuitive guidance system. My love for assisting others is growing every day, especially as I integrate and embody the creative, enlivening process of living this life within the ever-expanding depths of this moment.  

    Today, I navigate life with a greater sense of spaciousness, creativity, discernment, and joy.  Now, even when difficult experiences or deeply vulnerable feelings appear, there is a solid sense of okayness and a more persistent feeling of well-being.  Life is enjoyable and magical now, solutions appear easily and quickly, and I feel empowered to embrace rather than run from fear and pain.

Contact info:  kelley.duilio@gmail.com    971-235-8595