One of my biggest passions in this life is finding freedom, peace, and happiness.  This kind of freedom to me means living in depth, meaning, and unique creativity in each and every moment.  It also means learning how to grow and expand my life in ways that allow me to feel more grounded, responsible, creative, and inspired. I absolutely have a passion for learning how to relate to my life in ever expanding new and fresh ways.                                                                           
    To me, freedom is not a static state or end goal.  I've discovered it's definitely not the idea I had bought into from my culture or from the variety of spiritual ideas and practices I studied.  Rather, I find that it's a forever changing, creative, and evolving process that happens in the moment. It looks different all the time and it's always free to keep changing. 
   My life has not necessarily been easy, I struggled quite intensely with a variety of issues including, depression, anxiety, obsessive thinking patterns, attention/distraction disorders, body image issues and more.  Hey, I'm human, who doesn't struggle with these things.  It seems the struggles themselves pushed me into this intense searching to find the way out that really works for the uniqueness of me.
   Over the past 15 years I dove deep into a few different approaches including; The Living Inquiries, Non-Duality, and The Three Principles.  Within these genres, I studied one on one intensively with a few different teachers and coaches.  Some tools I began to integrate into my daily life over this time are; yoga, gratitude attitudes, prayer, self-inquiry, mindfulness, and authentic relating practices.  These practices and studies all helped me begin to find my way, but today I mostly rely on what I call my intuitive guidance system or innate wisdom, and I learned to trust this through the repeated process of experimentation and observation.  What I am beginning to trust more and more is that we all have a profound innate wisdom within us. I've seen over and over is how everything is ultimately pointing or even pushing us to find this inner guiding light within.  

  Today, I navigate life with a greater sense of spaciousness, creativity, discernment, and joy - there is more ease in my relationships, my work, and my connection with the an ever present loving intelligence.  My ability to use practical wisdom in my daily life has grown exponentially over the past few years.  I am increasingly deepening into a more direct and intimate connection with all aspects of myself, others, and with this creative alive intelligence.  Now, even when difficult experiences or deeply vulnerable feelings appear, there is a solid sense of okay-ness and a more persistent feeling of well-being.  Life is enjoyable and even magical, solutions appear more easily and quickly, and I feel empowered to embrace rather than run from fear and pain.

I offer a free initial meeting, so feel free to contact me anytime if you want to see if our connection can be helpful to you. 

 Contact info:  kelley.duilio@gmail.com    971-235-8595