One of my biggest passions is finding freedom in this life, moment by moment.  This kind of freedom to me means living in depth, meaning, and unique creativity in each and every moment.  It means endlessly opening and learning to relate to myself and my life in more and more intimate and refreshing ways.                                                                                          

    To me, freedom is not a static state or end goal.  I've discovered it's definitely not the idea I had bought into from my culture or from the variety of spiritual ideas and practices I studied.  Rather, I find that it's a forever changing, creative, and evolving process that happens in the moment. It looks different all the time and it's always free to keep changing. 

   The past 25 years of my life has not necessarily been easy.  My struggles with a variety of issues including, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, and body image issues, has pushed me into an intense search for resolution.   

   The Living Inquiries is one method that helped me deepen my inward exploration of healing and awakening.  It offered me a safe avenue to dive deep into the subtle traumatized parts of myself, while also recognizing and getting more familiar with the spacious presence that holds and meets it all.  I love that the Living Inquiries helped me bridge my sense of awareness, spaciousness, and emptiness with the healing and exploration of the other parts of myself.  

     The Living Inquiries is not the only technique I have learned that has aided me in my explorations.  Some of the other tools I use to assist myself and others in finding intimate wellbeing and inner freedom are; gratitude journaling, setting intentions, prayer, yoga, contemplative and mindfulness meditations, and growing an intuitive guidance system through a experimentation and observation process. When working with you, I combine the variety of all these skills and tools I use daily in my life.  My love for assisting others is growing every day, especially as I integrate and embody the creative, enlivening process of living this life within the ever-expanding depths of this moment.  

    Today, I navigate life with a greater sense of spaciousness, creativity, discernment, and joy - there is more ease in my relationships, my work, and my connection with the an ever present loving intelligence.  My ability to use practical wisdom in my daily life has grown exponentially over the past few years.  I am increasingly deepening into a more direct and intimate connection with all aspects of myself, others, and with this creative alive intelligence.  Now, even when difficult experiences or deeply vulnerable feelings appear, there is a solid sense of okay-ness and a more persistent feeling of well-being.  Life is enjoyable and even magical, solutions appear more easily and quickly, and I feel empowered to embrace rather than run from fear and pain.  

 I offer a free 20-minute introductory meeting, so you can simply meet me to get a taste of my style and offerings.

 Contact info:  kelley.duilio@gmail.com    971-235-8595