When I met Kelley a few years ago, I was immediately impressed by her deep willingness to look. Since then, we've walked alongside each other as we both traverse the rocky outcrops of awakening, navigating places that can't be touched by trainings, teachings or methodologies, holding the space for each other as the unraveling takes place in its own unique ways. I know from my own deep experience with Kelley that she can be fully present with people as they inquire into even the most painful places. Kelley is a dear friend, fellow traveler, and very accomplished facilitator, and I highly recommend her. 
Fiona Robertson
Author of The Dark Night of the Soul: A Journey from Absence to Presence and Living Inquiries facilitator and trainer. 

    Kelley Duilio is an exceptional mindfulness guide and living inquiries facilitator.  She has accompanied me during retreats and has worked at my mindfulness based addiction recovery center - the Kiloby Center.  Kelley intuitively understands people and how to help them untangle the knots of their suffering.  Her input and skills are highly valuable at the Center and her insights are spot on.  Highly recommended!  
     Scott Kiloby - Founder of the Living Inquiries Community Training Program

  I love the way you guided us in establishing an organic flow: the cue to allow feelings and pauses and then let things settle in by holding presence and allowing the next thing to bubble up works so well!  Your cue set up the space for us to co-lead with grace and integration.    

 I have had two sessions in Living Inquiries with Kelley and am excited to continue this exploration with her. Hurtful beliefs and conditioning that seem so solid and real lose their power as Kelley gently guides me through the inquiries. Somehow, in this process, it becomes clear that the mental story I'm telling myself is not really who I am, and the emotional pain that came with the story just goes.  It is so liberating!  I highly recommend Kelley for anyone who wants to be free of old, debilitating patterns and beliefs.  

  During a time of intense grief, Kelley's gentle, compassionate presence and spirit-led insights have opened me up to a deeper perspective, allowing me greater freedom and inspiration to disown some limiting beliefs and to see myself and another in my circumstance through the lens of love and a deeper understanding. 
  D. G. 

     Kelley is an absolute delight to work with. She has been helping us at The Kiloby Center, and our clients love her as well. She is clear and compassionate and is exceptionally skilled at gently guiding one into their fears, traumas and addictions, helping them find the freedom they so desperately long for. I highly recommend her as a facilitator of the Living Inquiries.  
Julianne Eanniello, Assistant Director, The Kiloby Center for Recovery, Inc.

  Kelley Duilio was skillfully sensitive to listening to the murmurs and mumblings of my under-psyche gently leading me into whole inner-worlds who's doors for years I've been trying to batter down through exhaustive efforting. Kelley, by gently guiding and holding space for deeper and deeper peering, helped me to find that the keys were, and are, in my pocket all along. Within the first hour of our first session, she imparted the very heart of her technique unto me - no secrets- enabling and empowering me to work with my inner, unconscious child in deeper, fuller, and softer ways. There was no integration period - the shifts just happened, and to this moment, have lasted. I've worked with many incredible and even renowned healers, and Kelley is unique for her humility, her grace, and her natural, embodied talent of teaching the very arts she has applied to herself. Her power and attentiveness is piercing, though truly subtle, fluid, and in no way overbearing, pretentious, or assuming. She made sure to check in with my comfort before we dove into deeper waters, making the work deeply transformative, safe, and even fun, too. I feel better versed in listening and applying the messages that my mind-body-heart are constantly transmitting to me through images, words, and sense-feelings that I previously took for granted. There is stronger rapport between my waking and dreaming self now, and my inner world shines brighter. I feel more whole. I am deeply grateful for Kelley's offerings, and each day I work with her will be a blessing.  
     Blake Roberts