Within each of us is a vast network of infinte creative options. Sometimes all we need is a reminder that the understandings and solutions lie within. 

 I open up a space for you to share and be heard with compassion and understanding.  I offer many clients a depth of perspective that often helps them soften around their particular style of suffering.  Gratitude and simple action steps are often weaved into the session.  Towards the end we take some time to reflect on what we covered leaving room to go over any remaining points before closing our time together. 


Sliding Scale Rates $50 ~ $120 a session ~  Please pay what you feel is appropriate, fair and financially affordable for your situation.  

Sessions last between 30-60 minutes. Sometimes people find they do not need more than 20-30 minutes to get what they need. 

All sessions are done via Zoom, Phone, at a Coffee Shop or at my home office in Portland, Oregon.  

I accept Venmo, PayPal, Square, Cash, or Checks.

Call or email now to set up a Free 20 minute introductory session.    971-235-8595