Even the most difficult of experiences can be met with ease and grace.  

I offer a free a 20-minute introductory meeting, for you to get a taste of my style and offerings. 

     We experience many stressful events throughout our lives, and yet we don't often get the opportunity to safely meet and be with our experiences in ways that allow for a natural unwinding to unfold. Here's my invitation to you with this work:  I offer a space in which you are honored exactly as you are and in which everything is allowed to be just as it is. Whatever arises within your experience will be fully welcomed and given all the room to be expressed and looked at. Because, in my experience, once everything is allowed to be here just as it is, and met fully with presence and delicate care, whole new avenues within can begin to open up.  Life transforms and unfolds in ways we could never have imagined.
     In a typical session, we start by creating a space for you to share whatever is alive for you in the moment—whether this is something internal or something happening in your life.  As I listen and we dialogue, the session is allowed to flow naturally—guided by the Living Inquiries technique but  combined with intuition and organic movement. Occasionally we may pause for moments of resting and integration. I also may gently guide, nudge, or assist you in a direction that may be beneficial to your unfolding and growth.  If at any time you feel a desire to stop or change directions, I will always honor that.  I really encourage you to to share and speak what is true for you at any moment. 

My deepest intention in offering you this space of unconditional acceptance, is that you find a radically new sense of freedom and expansion—both within and without.

Session Details 

Cost ~ $50-90 a session ~ sliding scale fee - Please pay what you feel is appropriate, fair and financially affordable for your situation.  For those who need further financial assistance, please contact me directly.

Sessions are around 60 minutes in duration.  

All sessions are done via Zoom, Skype, Phone, or at my home office in Portland, Oregon.  

I accept Venmo, PayPal, Square, Cash, or Checks.

Contact info:    971-235-8595